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Thank you! Please do the Persian specific post.

Even though I'm a "native speaker", I have a really challenging time with the written, formal, and poetic versions of the vocabulary being so wildly different than the everyday spoken one. I've tried forcing myself to read newspapers or Saadi's simpler works, for example, but I end up having to run to the dictionary every third word and don't end up even understanding the message. I've tried listening to Clubhouse conversations or radio/video, and I can sometimes infer meaning based on context, but running to the dictionary is much harder there.

I suspect what I really need to do is learn some Arabic because I particularly have trouble with the loanwords with Arabic prefixes (انتظار, انضمام , انفراد , انتقال or توسل, توکل ,تجسم). The pluralization is also sometimes annoying (اساتید vs استادها threw me for a loop).

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Thanks, Keyumars, it's helpful to know what you've struggled with specifically. I'll write that post and I'll be sure to address these things specifically (including the bit about Arabic - which is definitely helpful, especially if you go about it the right way).

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I am stumbling on this incredibly late, but just wanted to say I found this very useful to kind of re-orient my own language learning. I'm a native Urdu speaker who has been "learning Persian" for the past 5 years with little success, mostly using teach yourself-esque books. I have enough of a feel for the basic language and structure that I want to push myself to try and actually read texts in the language. I figure Saadi's Gulistan is a tried and true text for this purpose, and the idea of using Anki will be extremely helpful for vocab I think!

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Thanks Umar, glad you found this useful. The Gulistan is indeed a classic text to start with!

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This is very nice and very useful. Thank you for sharing it.

I promised myself that by age 70 I would be "fluent" in Chinese (中文, 汉语)

and I've been enrolled in classes in the last 3 years, achieving a little base in

Reading, writing, listening, and speaking at the advanced beginner level.

Age is a drawback as one forgets quite soon after learning; but I also love flashcards

and compose my own, by theme, by groups of nouns, verbs, adjectives and so on.

I need to work harder at establishing the daily routine. Thank you for the inspiration

and the sources cited. Montserrat Gorina-Ysern

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